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Disneyland Adventures allows players to enjoy the Magic Kingdom from the comfort of their own homes. Image taken from the Disneyland Adventures homepage on Steam.

If you want to visit Walt Disney’s magical theme park but are finding yourself low on the time or money to make it out to California in person, then Disneyland Adventures just might be the game for you.

Featuring a fully-rendered replica of Disneyland Park complete with (most of) its attractions and Disney characters, Disneyland Adventures allows players to visit the most magical place on Earth right from the comfort of their couch. Though it is by no means a high-quality, blockbuster, critically-acclaimed work of art, there is merit in the game’s attempt to bring the magic of Disney parks to consoles, something not attempted since Adventures in the Magic Kingdom was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It holds only a 67 out of 100 based on 9 critic reviews on Metacritic, but that does not take away from the earnest fun and childish enjoyment that can be had playing the game.

Disneyland Adventures is enjoyable for Disney fans of all ages because it allows players to relive the magic of their favorite Disney attractions, interact with faithful recreations of their favorite Disney characters, and experience the beauty and awe of Disneyland’s grounds through its faithful depiction of the park.

Let’s Get A Fastpass

In this Disneyland universe, lines do not exist! Rather than waiting for hours in line for a ride or ticking the time away until a new Fastpass can be reserved, players can hop right on to some of Disneyland’s most iconic attractions. Experienced in the form of minigames set within the worlds of the rides, players can fight their way through hordes of pirates in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” brave the terrifying halls of the “Haunted Mansion” and attempt to escape before they join the house’s ghostly residents for eternity, fly amongst the stars and planets in personal spaceships in “Space Mountain,” and chase the runaway ghost train down perilous canyons of “Big Thunder Mountain.”

Face-off against Captain Hook at the end of "Peter Pan's Flight." Image taken from the Disneyland Adventures homepage on Steam.

Rather than simply have players sit through a ride-through of each real-life attraction (if you’re looking for that, there’s plenty of those on YouTube!), Disneyland Adventures puts players in the world of each of the rides, allowing players to experience these stories in new ways.

Can I Get An Autograph, Please?

Many of the game’s quests and achievements are tied to meeting classic Disney characters all around the park, from Mickey and Donald to Belle and the Beast.

Guests interact with Belle and the Beast while strolling through Disneyland. Images taken from the Disneyland Adventures homepage on X-Box.

Players are able to get their autograph books signed by mascots, take pictures with them, dance with them, hug them, and go on adventures around the park for and with them. The best part is that these characters appear exactly as they do in their films and/or cartoons. Though interacting with the cast members in the actual Disney parks is great fun and exciting, nothing beats the originals!

Minnie Mouse signs an autograph book. Image taken from the Disneyland Adventures homepage on Steam.

For When You’re Missing The Magic of Disneyland

Everything in Disneyland park, from the gift shops to placement of the trash cans, makes an appearance in Disneyland Adventures. Even the most minuscule details find themselves reflected in this virtual theme park, making for a Disneyland that is a near carbon-copy of its inspiration. Those that do not get to go to Disneyland at often as they would like may find great comfort in being able to walk around this virtual, three-dimensional park map, even if just to hold them over a little bit longer until they can make it there themselves.

Mickey Mouse poses in front of Disneyland's iconic Sleeping Beauty castle. Image taken from the Disneyland Adventures homepage on Steam.


Disneyland Adventures was not created for hardcore gamers. It was created for those looking for a fun time with the magic and excitement of the Happiest Place on Earth. With a fully-functioning, living, breathing Disneyland, this game allows for hours of endless fun for those that can’t get enough of Walt Disney’s revolutionary theme park.

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